A Philippine company that engages in representing companies in travel in areas of: Accommodations, Destinations, Attractions, Transportation. As well in ground services whether as General Sales Agent (GSA) or as a Preferred Passenger Sales Agent (PPSA).

TWASP’s strengths' include

  • GSA Representations - Airlines and cruise ship.
  • Opportunities – Marketing Representation for chain of hotels, nationaltourism offices and attractions.

Company History

TWASP is primarily organized to be the GSA for then Trans World Airlines in 1971 (TWA).  In 1976 the Company then became the GSA for Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) which then started operations between Saudi Arabia and the Philippines in 1982. SAUDIA started with 3 weekly flights which then expanded to daily services up to 10 weekly services. 1979 Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA) appointed TWASP as its GSA taking over from its previous GSA (Philippine Airlines).

In 1994 Canadian Airline(CANADIAN) came on board and then started services between the two countries in 1995 with four (4) weekly flights. Later Jet Airways, Oman Air and Ethiopian Airlines joined as Off-line carriers. Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Grand Air, Silangan Airline appointed TWASP whether as sub-GSA or as Preferred Passenger Sales Agent for Cebu and Davao branches.

The entry of Electronic tickets (E-Ticket), On-Line bookings-engines opened the market to cross-border sales making representing on-line carriers difficult. Off-line carriers are more favorable and viable versus on-line carriers.

In 1994 the Company expanded its GSA activities to include cruise lines. The first to appoint TWASP as GSA was Holland America Lines. To date the Company has Seabourn, Costa, Disney Cruise, AMA Waterways either as GSA or as PPSA.



TWASP is managed by known personalities in the transportation industry.



Manned by experienced staff, TWASP can immediately take on principals in areas mentioned earlier.

  • Provide presentable office for it’s principal(s) equipped with necessary communication facilities.
  • Avails of social media for it’s marketing activities like “Facebook” to announce promotional programs.
  • Conducts, on a regular basis, workshop to update the travel agents of any new development.
  • Regularly does email blast to travel agents, nationwide, on any new promotions or development.
  • Participate worthwhile travel shows for either travel agents or for the general consumers.
  • Sales people goes daily sales visits within the travel trade including that in the provincial cities.
  • Monitors competitor's activities to inform it’s principals.
  • Able to handle bookings and ticketing for whichever principal.
  • Sends sales reports and remittances on a timely basis as required by the principals.
  • Has access to reach concerned government agencies if necessary.